Thursday, October 15, 2015

August...Family Vacay!!! Look out Maryland, Pennsylvania & Virginia!

August - was simply amazing and I'm so grateful we were able to take a trip that Scott & I have wanted to take for a very long time. One week - three states!

See we have some really good friends who live in Virginia and we LOVE going to see them. The bonus is that there are so many cool Revolutionary and Civil War sites so this was the year we got to go back east...

We begin our journey in Baltimore. Having never been there we opted for a trip to Ft. McHenry. Wow! It was so moving to me to be in that place and hear our National Anthem...just wow!

The kids had a great time!!! Of course Mr. History was in his element for sure!!!

Before we left the DC area we opted for a grounds tour of the Washington DC LDS Temple. My goodness it was breathtaking!!!

I hope they understand how important the temple is to us.

Then it was on the road to...Gettysburg!!!
I won't bore you with all the photos, but here is a sampling. To prepare for the trip we watched the movie "Gettysburg" so the kids would have some context to what we were seeing. It's still an awe inspiring location and if you ever get the chance, take it!! This won't be my only visit!

This is called the "first shot marker"  - it's a bit off the beaten path and you have to know what to look for but it was fun to see! 

I believe this is the statue to Brig. Gen. Buford. Funny - he was in the cavalry, yet his statue doesn't have a horse?! 

Just a photo overlooking part of the battlefield

If you've seen the movie - this is the monument to the 20th Maine. 

This is the kids on top of Little Roundtop. This is the ONLY place RTC wanted to see. He was so happy!!!

This is the "Copse of Trees" - significant fighting - this is near the high water mark.

This is the statue for Lieut. Gen. Longstreet. It wasn't erected until the 1990's. What's interesting is that most of the monuments throughout the park were erected in the 1870's and 1880's by those who fought there. 

My great-great-grandfather was a Union Officer. One of the regiments he served in was the 106th Pennsylvania. This is their monument within the park. He had been injured in 1862 so was not serving with them in 1863, I'm sure they still brothers in arms.

Their flag...

After some digging I found out Major Samuel H. Newman (my great-great grandfather) should have been fighting with the 30th Regiment from Pennsylvania, 1st Reserve - however I'm having trouble finding some documentation. This regiment was put together at the end of June in 1863 - the battle of Gettysburg happened July 1-3, 1863...they fought in the Wheat Field. 

The National Park had a series of things for the kids to do. RTC was chosen to wear the uniform that most of the soldiers would have been wearing in 1863. All wool - so very hot - I can only imagine...then the kids got to learn to march like soldiers.

When we finally left Gettysburg we drove to Fredericksburg on the way to Virginia Beach. This is the same sunken road the soldiers would have taken - even the brick retaining wall remains.

This is a statue for a soldier who offered aid to both sides of the fight.

We then went to Grant's headquarters at City Point. What an amazing location and view. So picturesque! Learned a lot about Gen. Grant. I think history has really done him a disservice...I'm sure it's a matter of perspective.


From City Point we stayed in Lynchburg. Outside of Lynchburg is Thomas Jefferson's private home of Poplar Forest, it was an estate that was given to his wife. A home for entertaining family...that man was amazing...this home is currently being restored to it's original condition. I can't wait to go back periodically .

It was the 150th anniversary of the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse - so we went there too! We need to go back and spend a bit more time!

These are the desks which were used. Lee's was the white one - Grant's was the brown one. Size didn't matter.

It's never a true trip to VA without a day of hiking in their beautiful surroundings! This time is was Natural Bridge! It did not disappoint! Lots to see and there was even a wedding to crash!


When George Washington was a surveyor he was in these caverns  - here's where he left his mark.

Cute hiker I found!!!

We love our trips back east! So grateful for our good friends!!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

July - we're half way there....

Wow! More than halfway through 2015. Seems like a blur...

In July the kids took a vacation in Kansas to see the DCI competition. They've been going for 3 years now and they both love it. It's a time for them to make some special memories with their aunt & Grammie. They got to spend time in Oklahoma with their Mimi, Grandpa & Uncle Barry too! This is some of their favorite ways to spend time.

Funny story - Scott took them fishing out at Pawnee's lake. He purchased his fishing license earlier that day and just kept it in his tackle box. Sure enough the Game Warden is out there and made sure Scott was legal. I'm supposing the license is cheaper than the fine?!

While the kids were away - we went to Vegas to play. We had a great time! Made some memories of our own!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

and the rest of June

June was quite busy...there were 2 Cub Scout camps. You can see those posts here and here. I really am glad he enjoys both packs so much!!!

I got to throw a bachelorette party....

She wanted something a little different, so we did a painting party. It was great fun!!!

We attended a family reunion...

Yes, that is my family fishing...everyone seemed to enjoy it & La even came away with a story about the one that got away!!!

It was great to reconnect with everyone!!!

Finished the month off with a wedding of my best friend...

 No - none of the professional pictures are here - and for some reason neither is the groom! :0...but I'm so happy for her. They make a great couple and you can feel how much they love one another.

It was a great month!!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Resident Camp

Wow did I let summer get away with me!!!!

Back in June RTC went to Resident Camp with his Cub Scout Pack from school. He had such a great time. I think his dad did too!

They had a great time!