Tuesday, March 24, 2015

February...that time again

Well we certainly had a fun filled February!!!

Just take a look...

We ended January with one Pinewood Derby and started February with a different one!

It wasn't until after the event that I realized this was his last 258/264 Pinewood Derby. Next year he won't be a cub scout with them any more!

I got to go with the crazy Kindergartener on her field trip in February. To the Science Museum we went. I got to tag along with her and her sweet little friend. We all had a great time!!!

One of my favorite traditions in Norman is the Daddy Daughter Dance. Every year around Valentine's Day dad's with daughters 4-14 can get all dressed up and take their girls out dancing. This year we tried adding curls to her board straight hair. With help of some sponge curlers in her hair all day - it worked!!! She had a great time!!! So did her dad!!! Such a fun thing!

So RTC played basketball again this winter. Different team, but much the same outcome. The coaches were great and the boys tried real hard. Having fun and learning the game are my requirements and he met both of those!

Proof that it snowed in Norman this year. Yes enough to cancel school for 2 days...

RTC participated once again in the Mall Marathon. He enjoys playing - I hope he continues because I have no plans on letting him give it up anytime soon!           
And for your listening pleasure...

Enjoy your March!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

So, it's January again

We've come full circle and it's time to begin a new year. Now that the busyness is over and we're settling back into our routine again here's what January held for us...

We started 2015 off right - with friends at a New Year's Party. These kiddos rang in the new year!!! We had so much fun!!!

La attended at cheer clinic put on by Norman High School. She got to cheer at the halftime of a varsity boys basketball game. The theme was "Frozen" so she was in heaven! She had a great time, but informed me she liked dancing more than cheering...just broke this former cheerleader's heart :(

All 3rd grade year this boy made the honor roll. This year he missed it by 1 B in the first semester, so he buckled down and made it happen in the second semester. So pleased he did what he needed to do in order to make it happen!
Way to go RTC!

This is also the month that brings the Pinewood Derby! For the 3rd year in a row, he finished 4th in his den. (It was a 3 way tie for 2nd so we had to endure run off races too!) The top 2 move on to race for the top spot in the pack, and his friends finished 1 & 2 in that. I'm glad he's enjoying the competition and that he's happy for his friends to do well. 

This girl competed in the sibling races this year. Her pink dragon came in 1st! 

Then on the Martin Luther King Holiday we met our new friends for a day at the OKC Zoo. It was over 70 degrees and we took full advantage of it! I even handed my camera over to the kids so they could take photos of whatever they wanted. Some of their handiwork is below! We had a great time!!!

Looking forward to seeing what February holds for us!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Well here's the last little bit of 2014. and yes, I'm still writing that on my checks! Argh!!!

Anyway, December is a bit reminiscent of November with birthdays, holidays, school parties, parades...just so much packed into such a short time.

Here's what it looked like for us...

This year when we put the lights up - he had some help! Not sure how much help, but he had some just the same!

It's just not a birthday if you don't have birthday pancakes made by Dad!!
I just love this tradition!!!!
For whatever reason, he likes for me to bring
donuts as his treat for school.

The Saturday of his birthday party is usually also the same day as the Norman city Christmas Parade. His Cub Scout Pack from school had a float in it again this year. What fun for the boys!

I'm very grateful he has such great friends and family who came to spend time with him on his special day. Hey Dey laser tag did NOT disappoint! 

She got to go on the Polar Express the Friday school was let out for Christmas break. She had so much fun & even got a bell of her very own!

She & I went to the Oklahoma City Ballet's production of "The Nutcracker". She amazed me, she watched and never complained about the length. This may become a new tradition.

The traditional throwing of the reindeer food!

Yep! This is the only picture of our Christmas presents. Guess what my New Year's Resolution is?!

New Year's Eve with our friends! What a fun way to ring in 2015!!!

Thanks for taking the time to check in on us! We love our family and friends and wish you a magical new year!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

November...birthdays, Thanksgiving & more!

Well only 2 more months to document this year. I can hardly believe it! Maybe in 2015 I'll take the time to read something on how to improve my photos!

Until then we all can enjoy our antics from November, well at least the ones in which I remembered to take a photo of...

The first weekend of November typically presents a challenge of how-much-stuff-can-we-pack-into-1-day. This year our day went something like this: RTC played in a Fall Festival (the turkey earned a Superior ribbon). Then we were off to his last fall soccer game. Followed by La's birthday party and a family dinner...

La's birthday party...

The girls painted their own pottery pieces. These ladies were serious about their art!!! Everyone seemed to have a great time!

A few days later it was time to celebrate her actual day!

 Yes, that is an Elsa dress for a present...
Yes, she immediately put it on to eat her breakfast pancakes before school!

Legos from her brother & it came with assistance with assembly!

 Now it was time for Pack 221's Raingutter Regata!

All the boys seems to enjoy it and there weren't many tears!

As a bonus this year Mimi was down and happened to spend her birthday with us! We just had to celebrate, so we celebrated with cheesecake!!!
This was La's turkey in disguise! Pretty huh?
We went to the lighting of Chesapeake's 
Christmas lights...

Thanksgiving was spent in Wichita. 
We engaged in shooting & shopping. Those were separate things we did and we didn't shoot anyone while we shopped! :)

She looks less than enthused and she took a nap
soon after this photo was taken!

We were able to enjoy a date night! 

While Aunt P & Grammie took the kids to see 
Christmas lights! Thanks for the date night!