Thursday, April 3, 2014

March - In Like A....

What's the old adage "in like a lion out like a lamb"? If I remember right that was usually regarding the weather...I'm saying that based on our busyness I'm going with "in like a lion, out like a lion" just because we packed quite a bit into our March.

First La & I spent some
time with my sister & mom.
Patti & I even snuck out at saw
"Frozen" just the two of us! Good times!

It started getting warm enough that bike rides after school were normal. Now if we could just get the training wheels off!

We had a friend suggest that we take the kids to The Jasmine Moran Children's Museum so we did that one Friday afternoon that school was out.

 They had a great time!
Then for spring break we took them for a long weekend in San Antonio...and this is how my kids travel...

Yep - RTC plays his DS and La either takes selfies or sleeps...

We saw Moroni!

The morning started out quite foggy & humid. We wanted them to see the San Antonio temple though so we did that first! They thought it was so beautiful and loved seeing all the stained glass. 

Then it was off to...

SeaWorld! We thought it might be good training for any amusement parks in the future!

She LOVES cotton candy.
I think one of my former bosses got her hooked on it!

 Robert took this photo of the 3 of us - we thought it kind of looked like a selfie that Scott took...

They loved seeing all the shows and seeing the animals too!

La took this picture...we thought them documenting the
trip through photos could be interesting!

RTC's first non-kid roller coaster. He LOVED it!!!

On the way home Sunday we took them to The Alamo.
RTC had just read a book about Jim Bowie so he was 

We finished off the month with RTC auditioning with OMTA.

The little bugger scored a I+. On to state he goes!

He just had to show his teacher his medal!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ahh February - a month of confusion

It was a month of confusion for the weather anyway!!!

We did lots of fun things...

We went to see HEART with our Fabulous friends!
Ann could still hit the notes & we had a great time!!

Then there was the Norman
Daddy-Daughter Dance...
Oh my did she enjoy that!!!


 We also had snow days! Then 2 days later it would be 70 degrees!

We took advantage of them where we could that's for sure!!! Both the snow & the 70 degree days!!!

RTC played basketball with his friends.
What they lacked in wins they more than made up
for in enthusiasm!!! These kids just liked learning the 
fundamentals & hanging out together!

As a reward they also got to go
see "The LEGO Movie" for 
the 2nd time. I think they'd go again!

RTC also played again this year at Norman's
Mall Marathon. I think he really enjoys it! 
It's only 57 seconds...

I think that was most of our February  - well that got documented in picture form anyway..


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pinewood Derby

Pack 221 Pinewood Derby...lots of cars and lots of fun!!!

For this derby he and his dad created a tank. 

There were 13 in his den which competed...he earned a 4th place medal.

This was the Pinewood Derby car that
he made for the derby in Pack 258.
He raced both against each other and 
it shocked me but the tank won! 

He loves being in two Cub Scout packs. The differences in each pack I think are what he enjoys most! He had fun at both derbies. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

December 2013 in all it's glory

So I was looking at my blog...I really need to manage my time better!!!  Anyway I decided that one of my resolutions should be to at least do a post once month. Maybe I can muster that!!!

Since I didn't even post December here's a picture tribute to the craziness that is December...

December 3rd I had the opportunity to see Donny & Marie in concert in OKC. It was a Girls Night outing and we had a lot of fun!!!

One Saturday we baked & frosted cookies. 

I just love my little helpers!

Then it was time for the "winter" parties as school. I call them Christmas parties and I always will. I'm a rebel like that. Anyway - 2 parties fortunately at 2 different times. Next year I will not be as lucky, but at least the parties will still be in the same school.

Next it was the ICE storm. Yes, that is my tree missing it's limb...

That was quickly followed by throwing reindeer food into the yard because SANTA is coming!!!!

Look at the presents Santa left us...

Notice Santa remembered the eye protection!

For me one of my favorite family traditions is the abundant Italian buffet we have with our family & friends. 2013 was the last Christmas with our friend Kalin as he will be on his mission this time in 2014. These pictures don't even do it justice!!!!

After Christmas we were able to have floor seats at an OKC Thunder game. OH MY, if you EVER have the it. Such an amazing way to see a game!!!!

Love my THUNDER!!!!

We ended the year by going to Wichita to retrieve the kids who had fun without us!

HAPPY 2014!!!