Thursday, October 16, 2014


Yes, it's fall once again in Oklahoma...that means the leaves are turning, mornings are becoming more crisp, and Football is everywhere!

Here's what the Copeland's were up to in September...warning....if you don't like photos you might as well stop now!

Labor Day was on September 1st. This would be the last day our neighborhood pool would be open until May 2015 so we took full advantage of it! Both kids grew physically and confidence wise over the summer and are just amazing. We even got Uncle Barry in on the action!

Swimming gives way to our fall sports which centers around OU Football.  Here they are on the second game of the season! Usually Scott doesn't sit down, but it was halftime.

It's also time to order your Cub Scout Popcorn!
If you need/want some, we're still taking orders!
This cutie started soccer with some friends.
I don't know how good her game is, but she sure is cute!

Since February he had a dental appliance
in his mouth - it was removed and he
was ridiculously happy about it!

These are photos from Spirit Week. They participated in
Crazy sock day (no photos oops!), Favorite Team Day,
PJ Day, & Crazy Hair/Hat Day. They did enjoy it!

Spirit Week ends up with our Roosevelt Run. Most schools call it a jog-a-thon, here at Roosevelt, it's our Run. It's the only PTA fundraiser of the year. I'm sure it's a crazy day for the teachers, but the kids sure have fun!

The last activity we had was a birthday party for a friend of La's. Her party was at Elevation Trampoline in Edmond.  They had a great time bouncing!!

I'm tired just reliving it! Only 3 more months of this year and that's amazing for me to realize. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

August...we're in the home stretch now!

Ah...the dog days of summer!

Well, actually, those days are turning into the busy days of fall! August wasn't as jam packed as July that's for sure.

We attended the wedding of what is in essence our Goddaughter Wendy. However, I didn't do a good job of getting a photo of the happy couple. We spent the weekend in Tahlequah, OK for the wedding and La managed to loose her second tooth inside Wal-mart. Yes that's right her brother knocked out her tooth in Wal-mart and didn't see where it went, so I her dutiful mother crawled on the floor until I found it. Geez!

To help our friend Randy take his mind of his little girl's wedding we went out and shot some targets! 
Here's RTC shooting a .22. Now I don't know if we'll ever get him to shoot his bb gun again!

This is me firing his AK. That had a bit of a kick!
Here's him with the AK. I think he liked it a lot!!!

The next event was school starting. We are so lucky 1)to live within walking distance of our elementary school; and 2)to have such awesome teachers! 

I don't know who is allowing my kids to grow up, but it needs to stop! How can I have a kindergartener & a 4th grader?

They both have a great fondness for their teachers. For that I'm grateful!

Since school starts before Labor Day Weekend, we took the kids out to celebrate the long holiday with my mom & sister. Great Wolf Lodge here we came! 

We adult ladies had a spa appointment so we didn't want to leave her out. She had her own pedicure in the kids' spa! She had soooo much fun!

What great memories we made! Grammie swam with us in the "lazy river" and wave pool. Aunt P went down slides and was dragged around the "lazy river" as well! Fun was had by all!!!

Great way to end summer that's for sure!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh you character...

Here's a few of the characters we saw!

Belle & my beauty in MK!

Daisy and the girl!

We found Pluto!

We happened upon Chip & Dale 

Hugs from Minnie!

and a kiss from Mickey!

Goofy was great!!!

found Donald in Mexico at Epcot!

La scared Baloo with her cheetah.
We put away Shere Khan and all was well.

Love this movie and these guys!!!!

Breakfast with the princesses

This was a highlight of the trip! She loved seeing Elsa!

She got to dance with Anna as well!

July - you exhaust me!

OK so summer went into hyper drive when it came to July!

Let me recap...

The first Friday found me, La-La, RTC & his buddy BB at Andy Alligator's to celebrate the boys' straight A's!

A fun time was had by all!!

On July 4th while visiting Mimi & Grandpa,
La lost her first tooth!!!
Then the kids went to Kansas for their week with Aunt P & Grammie. They were treated to seeing the DCI competition, their 3rd year! Their favorite corps is the Blue Devils from Concord, CA. They found out where the corps practiced and they watched them there too! This netted RTC a pair of drumsticks & La a lanyard! They were so excited! At the competition, the  Blue Devils won so their experience was complete!

We planned one final surprise for the kids this summer and we were able to pull it off! Back in April we decided to take the kids to Walt DisneyWorld and we didn't tell them until the day before! I was able to not say a word, to them, about it for over 60 days! That's amazing for me because I love DisneyWorld!!!!!!  Anyway...I am so grateful we were able to go and enjoy it as a family this time. We stayed at the Boardwalk Villas because we could walk into Epcot & Hollywood Studios and I highly recommend it!!! Seeing their faces so bright and cheerful, being kind to one another, and all the other stuff that goes along with Disney magic was priceless.  I'll try not to go overboard with photos, but...

Yep! Matching shirts for traveling!

Downtown Disney our first night. Tired from traveling but I think they were getting into it!

On the way to Magic Kingdom!

Could he be any cooler?

First thing we did was ride the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! 

Other than Space Mountain being closed 
it was a great 1st day!

Our second day! After a Princess breakfast
of course!

Hollywood Studios - family favorite!

Just so fun!!!!

I promise - this was this boy's favorite ride of our trip!

Look who they found!
I have soooo many more - but I'll stop.

for now....