Thursday, June 25, 2015

June - too big for 1 post....Twilight Cub Scout Camp

Wow! June was just full of adventures!!!

RTC loves Cub Scouts. He's in 2 in early June he chose to go to Cub Scout Day Camp with his pack from church. He was the only Webelo, but that didn't stop him! I think since this was his last year to be able to go to day camp, he wanted to do as much as he could.

Here are some of the highlights. The theme was "Up in the Sky" so it was all about planes, rockets, and really anything that flies.

They made rockets, planes, colored frisbees, etc.

They propelled rockets with Alkaseltzer, water, and air. 

He passed his swim test which I think gave him a bit of confidence to pass the one at Residence Camp.

One day they made the phases of the moon with Oreos. This one just decided to put all the filling together!!! What a crazy boy!!!

There were also special guests on a couple of nights. These guys joined us on day 1. The boys were pretty excited!!!

OKC PD's helicopter joined us one evening too! The boys enjoyed seeing the officers.

All in all I think it was a great way to end our day camp experience!

Monday, June 22, 2015

The very merry month of May

Well, I have been putting this off because May was just so, busy, no that's not the word I was looking for, it was wet, that's as good a word as any. My town experienced a tornado, earthquake, hail storms, and a possible wild animal outbreak in one day. When we do something in Oklahoma we do it well!

In any event, here's what happened per my perspective.

May the 4th be with you - yes Eskimo Sno gives a Star Wars flavored snocone away on May 4th. Yes we had to have ours!!!

In order to get him ready for Cub Scout camp & just because she needs them, the kids took semi-private swim lessons. It paid off because he was able to pass his swimming tests at camp and she has more confidence in the water. I couldn't be happier!

 May 6th brought a little EF1 tornado to my side of town. It caused my fence to lean, a leak in my master bathroom, and other roof damage. It was crazy...this storm hit a wild animal sanctuary and for a time the authorities were not sure if any animals had gotten out.

This is the 7-11 not far from my house. What you can't see is that the telephone poles all down this street were snapped off.

We had an invitation to ride out the storm in a friend's tornado shelter. So we did. Love all these guys so much and yes there are 3 kids, 2 dogs and 1 adult in the photo...the other adult was taking the picture & looking for the funnel cloud! :)

On May 8, 2 days after the small tornado, we had a hail/straight line wind storm which knocked out my dining room window, caused damage to my flooring, and beat the sides of the house to the point of denting. I can't express my gratitude for my roofer/contractor who came and had a tarp on my roof and window boarded up before more damage could happen!

 So while La & I were sweeping up broken glass and water, these two were celebrating my hubby's birthday at a RUSH concert in Tulsa. Yep, they totally missed all the excitement! This was RTC's first concert and he had an incredible time!!!

Birthday Pancakes at Jimmy's Egg!!! The birthday boy was happy about that!

 This guy played at state piano contest and came away with a I.
I'm so glad he enjoys music!

These are the kid's awards for finishing the Read Y'all program at school. I'm glad they helped each other reach this goal!
This is his patient piano teacher. 
She is another blessing to us! 

With my friend Liz - I completed my first 5K. Nope, 
didn't run a step, but we really enjoyed walking it! Not 
sure if the organizers liked that, but we had a great time!

This is our last day of school photo.
As you can see from the
was raining.

If it's May that means the Cub Scouts are launching rockets. This was our last year to participate in the rocket launch, so he was excited to do it. Eskimo Sno was there with their yummy snocones and there were even a few rockets destroyed. Everyone had a great time!

We literally ended our month with this one a hospital in Kansas. She had difficulty breathing so we took her to the ER.

ER team admitted her to the PICU so we got to ride across town in an ambulance.

It was such a helpless feeling...
After 24 hours in PICU, she was moved and able to sleep.

After another 24 hours we could return to Oklahoma.

I was very glad to flip the calendar to June. I think the total rainfall total for May for my town was something like13.84 inches. When one has clay as the main ingredient in its dirt, 13" of rain has no where to go. Saturation does not happen. Just glad the drought is over and we can have fun in the sun for the next couple of months. Bring on summer!

Monday, June 8, 2015


I typically post only 1 month behind...then May happened and I felt overwhelmed. So, it's now June and I'm just posting April. Life's our highlights...

This is RTC's soccer team. These boys worked really hard and love playing together. So glad all will be back in the fall!

 Easter was in April this year. We were able to take in an egg hunt with some friends. It was so much for the kids. Glad this is one tradition that continues!

This is from the 4th grade program. Recorders & singing...the kids did fantastic!!!

With all the excitement May brought, looking back at how peaceful April I should have known something would happen!

Friday, April 24, 2015


March was fun. The weather always seems to be schizophrenic - cold and icy one day and then springlike the next only to be followed by tornadoes...yep - it's fun!! There's always Cub Scout awards and enjoyable Spring Break times. Here's what it held for us!!

Hard to believe this boy has only 1 year of Cub Scouts left. Which means he has only 1 year of elementary school left. I know I sound like EVERY other mother, but seriously, why does the time have to fly by so fast!? This was his Blue & Gold banquet. He's very close to earning his Arrow of Light and Faith in God award. 

 This sweet girl was able to attend a good friend's birthday party and the painting was so much fun! The kids were able to choose their own colors and make their picture truly their own. What a fun time all of them had!!!

During the week of Spring Break the kids and Paula headed up to the 45th Infantry Museum in OKC because RTC enjoyed it so much the first time he went!!! Lots of cool exhibits. A little chilly that day, but that didn't deter them one bit!

 The end of Spring Break week was spent going to west Texas (Abilene & Pecos) with Scott's family. I have never seen the amount of rain we ran into in all my life. Wow! But it was so wonderful to spend time with family we don't see all the time. I'll do a separate post on the whole trip when I can do it justice. We so enjoyed our time together though!

There's nothing more fun than getting a new phone and finding kid selfies on it. The smirk just gets me. Every. Time.

Tornado season broke out on March 25th this year.
This is how La chose to spend her time while I watched the weather updates.
Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!

Hope your March was entertaining and rewarding.