Thursday, July 17, 2014

June [joon] 1. the sixth month of the year, containing 30 days. Abbreviation: Jun.

How can it be past the 6th month of the year? Yikes! I guess I better get the cleaning I was planning on doing over the summer done!

Here's the highlights from us!

The biggest thing that happened in June was Cub Scout Resident camp! Camping with Dad, shooting bb guns, archery, swimming, flag ceremonies, oh the list goes on and on!! They both had a great time!

While the boys went camping - we girls went swimming! It was a lot of fun!
Here's the boy fooling around at Lowe's.
Just love those green & yellow yard tractors!

Hope your summer is going well. Until we meet again....

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More than just May flowers

So May happened. There was a piano recital, a dance recital, last days of school, etc. I think you get the idea. Here are the pictures because they speak with more detail than I typically do...

 We took video on a camera instead of our phone, so I have no idea where that is as I don't think it's been downloaded yet, so just imagine a 3rd year pianist playing. He sounds pretty good actually and earned a I at State this year!
This is Miss Ursula & him. We love
her so much!!!

 Here's our ballerina. She LOVES to dance and be on stage. I got to be a backstage mom so I only got to see 3 dances of the 2 1/2 hour can decide for yourself if I was the lucky one or not!

 Our school has a reading program each year and if the kids read so many books and all different genres and award winners they receive a gold, silver or bronze medal. Both the kids earned a gold medal. He really was thrilled.

This was the last day of school - he was a bit sad as he loved his teacher so much he didn't want to move on to the 4th grade. Fortunately for us, she's one of our neighbors so he thought he'd give 4th grade a chance.

On Memorial Day we tend to gravitate to the Wichita Mountains and their Refuge for some hiking. This year was no different. The kids love climbing on the rocks at Mount Scott. We also took a hike so we could enjoy nature a bit as well!

One of the kids took this lovely photo of the 2 of us.  

If you look - there's a bird in flight in this photo above.

We were a little closer to this guy than we planned!

Just love the Indian Paint Brush with the rest of nature
in this shot.

Well, that was the month of May in our neck of the woods. Hope everyone is having a safe and fun summer!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


So my plan to do a post a month almost was foiled! I don't know what's wrong with me. Hopefully soon I can get back on track.

In the mean time if you wanted to know what the Copeland's were up to in April...feast your eyes on this...

My Cub Scout is now a Webelo Scout. That means his blue shirt is retired and he now wears a tan one. That's hard for me to believe that he's old enough to do that. This is him & his best friend. Below is the whole pack of 221!
This was his soccer team this year - lots of good friends
and good times for him.

This was the 3rd grade play! He was a towns person
so he got to sing an extra song. All the kids did a fabulous job!

So this year was our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We decided in between my semesters to see if we could find a little getaway. Well I happened to find a 4 day cruise out of Galveston, TX that fit the days we could be gone. He arranged for his parents to take care of the kids and off we went! It was a fun adventure for us! 
Above is what Galveston looked like as we departed. Pretty cold and dreary - we were happy to escape further south!

This is the place we snorkeled! It was his first time and he really enjoyed it. We swam, touched, posed with and fed some stingrays too! It was 90* the day we were in Cozumel so it was perfect to get into the water!

It was Easter while we were away so the
kids got to spend Easter with the Grandparents!
They had a wonderful time & were spoiled rotten!

When we got back my sweet friend
from Australia paid me a visit so we
celebrated that at The Mont! 
Their queso is to die for!!!

Shannan's sweet baby turned 1 in April so she had a pool party! Notice zero adults in the water - but the kids sure enjoyed the hot tub!!!

We ended the month by participating in a church wide activity at the Oklahoma City Temple. It was so neat to see so many kids from all over the state come to the temple. 

That was our month...we're just working on memories in May that I can share in June. Hopefully I can figure out this whole schedule thing and do a little better. 

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

March - In Like A....

What's the old adage "in like a lion out like a lamb"? If I remember right that was usually regarding the weather...I'm saying that based on our busyness I'm going with "in like a lion, out like a lion" just because we packed quite a bit into our March.

First La & I spent some
time with my sister & mom.
Patti & I even snuck out at saw
"Frozen" just the two of us! Good times!

It started getting warm enough that bike rides after school were normal. Now if we could just get the training wheels off!

We had a friend suggest that we take the kids to The Jasmine Moran Children's Museum so we did that one Friday afternoon that school was out.

 They had a great time!
Then for spring break we took them for a long weekend in San Antonio...and this is how my kids travel...

Yep - RTC plays his DS and La either takes selfies or sleeps...

We saw Moroni!

The morning started out quite foggy & humid. We wanted them to see the San Antonio temple though so we did that first! They thought it was so beautiful and loved seeing all the stained glass. 

Then it was off to...

SeaWorld! We thought it might be good training for any amusement parks in the future!

She LOVES cotton candy.
I think one of my former bosses got her hooked on it!

 Robert took this photo of the 3 of us - we thought it kind of looked like a selfie that Scott took...

They loved seeing all the shows and seeing the animals too!

La took this picture...we thought them documenting the
trip through photos could be interesting!

RTC's first non-kid roller coaster. He LOVED it!!!

On the way home Sunday we took them to The Alamo.
RTC had just read a book about Jim Bowie so he was 

We finished off the month with RTC auditioning with OMTA.

The little bugger scored a I+. On to state he goes!

He just had to show his teacher his medal!